The Scarcetti Family

Established in New York City the Scarcettis maintain a thick stranglehold on the city that never sleeps that has been ongoing since the Italian Immigration Boom in the early 1900's.  Crime boss Giuseppe Scarcetti passed his business to his oldest of two sons, Giancarlo.  His younger son Aldo, refusing to work under the shadow of his older brother decided to branch out south and moved to Palmetto Cove with intent on pushing into Cuba, however after Castro's rise to power Aldo's hands were tied in pushing influence on the Communist country and he was forced to settle in maintaining control of the sleepy resort town.

Over the years Aldo has been asserting the mob's influence over the underground vices of the resort town which include gambling, extortion, prostitution, and even pornography which has ensured that the town has given the main family a hefty sum of cushion.  However times have changed and with it came a new thing, the drug trade.  Aldo and his men want absolutely nothing to do with it, insisting that the drugs are actually bad for business and will actually kill and rob any dealers that they come across.

But Aldo is an old man, with old ideas, and slowly his inner circle becomes complacent, arrogant, and fat as they continue to hide more and more from the boss to line their own pockets.  Making matters worse is Aldo's own son, Lorenzo, continues to grows impatient with his elderly father and desires to take over.

The Scarcetti's have stepped on a number of toes over the years, between the foundation of bodies that built Aldo's "empire", the frivolous use of power and violence his syndicate uses now behind his back, and the above the law demeanor his son flagrantly exudes many see them as a falling star about to go supernova.

The Scarcetti Family

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