Professor Issac


Present agenda: Not getting killed by Vargas Distribution LLC
Obsession: The perfect drug (The Narco-Alchemist)

Notches to unnatural meter: 3

Narco-Alchemist: 50
Captain: 50
Professor: 20 (may be not)

Violence: 3
Helplessness: 3
Unnatural: 3
Isolation: 0
Self: 0

Violence: 1
Helplessness: 1

Minnor: 10

Fear: Mediocre (Helplessness)
Rage: Idiocy
Noble: Education


Any one looking into Professor Issac must first answer a question which Professor are they referring to?

A person doing a summary search on the good Professor with find a man in his early fiftieths, an ex professor who taught for the many years, mainly in chemistry but was an able if a little long winded substitute for many of the academic disciplines. Both loved and feared for his knowable of history often keeping captivated (or captive) students well past the end of the day talking at length about the Greek, Roman and Mongoles conquests among many others.

Continuing to look our searcher will find that after a traffic accident that claimed both his university sweet heart, to whom he had married some 25 years, and their teenage daughter the Professor retired his position and retreated to the family home on the outskirts of town, mentions of him still appear in the news papers normally in connection with a grass roots education initiative or the like wise.

A searcher with better levels of access and contacts in the lower places of society will discover that following the professors retirement he started to contact old friends both from his school days and some of his former students, with in 6 months of his families deaths a new selection of high end narcotics started to come one to the streets. The arrival of these new drugs coincided with a number of lab “accidents” that happen among the drug manufacturing community especially those who where known to cut their product with the more harmful end of the agents.

A really dogged investigator will discover something strange about the Professor when he arrived at the university as a freshman, he arrived with no family, little money and an unexplained scar through his chest.

Professor Issac

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