Vargas Distribution LLC

Faction: Mortal/Wild


Founded and maintained by Cuban immigrant Armando Vargas this import/export business mostly deals in trading automotive parts, cars, toys, and electronic goods according to legal documents. However Vargas is becoming the rising star of cocaine distribution on the eastern sea board with a product that is considered “safe enough”; when compared to other, foreign sources.

Vargas is a cold, calculating individual who surrounds himself with people who are loyal enough to cut off fingers for him, but he has a short fuse, often made shorter by dabbling in his product, that has gotten him in trouble on occasion. However he has been able to stay out of jail because of his many charitable donations which has left the city burgeoning.

Armando is so rich that he has more money than he even knows what to do with. Presently he has no concerns about the fact that he is encroaching on the Colombians trade, insisting that he is “just a business man;” and they are “the real criminals” in comparison and he is always looking for like-minded individuals who are willing to make a lot of money.

But many know it is wise not to trust Armando Vargas, many believe that he owes his success to the fact that he has sold his soul to the devil, others firmly believe he is the devil himself.

Vargas Distribution LLC

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