The Wights

Faction: Mortality/Wild


Regarded by many as racist outcasts the Wights originated as a biker club specifically for Vietnam Veterans who “saw a little too much overseas” and couldn’t adjust to mundane, civilian life. While many of the bikers make a profit from hunting the supernatural the gang also involves themselves in extortion, weapons dealing, and drug distribution. However the Wights choose not to involve themselves in the cocaine trade instead preferring to deal in marijuana, LSD, morphine, and methamphetamine.

The chemists that the Wights employ are of a certain otherworldly nature but create drugs so strong that it can help even the most PTSD-induced Wight forget about it’s problems for a while. These chemist do not actually live in the metropolitan area instead preferring to live out in the swamps and glades outside of it’s city limits where there are few mortals and even fewer of their “laws.”

The Wights

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