The Strayed

Faction: Night/Mortality


The Strayed is a recent addition to Palmetto Cove. Consisting of about 12 members this group of dirt biking delinquents can usually be found in random packs roaming the streets of the city looking to get in to some kind of trouble. They are particularly infamous for loitering uninvited at beach parties and the piers. Although it is believed to be mostly hearsay rumors have spread that leader of the gang has revealed himself to not be mortal by performing random feats.

Little is known about the gang and anyone who has attempted to infiltrate it have either disappeared completely or broke former ties to stay loyal to them. Of the 12 members presently in the group roughly only 4 have maintained consistent ties to the group, the remainder are mostly people who at some point seem to just disappear after awhile.

The Strayed

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