The Scarcetti Family

Faction: Mortality/Power


Established in New York City the Scarcettis maintain a thick stranglehold on the city that never sleeps that has been ongoing since the Italian Immigration Boom in the early 1900's.  Crime boss Giuseppe Scarcetti passed his business to his oldest of two sons, Giancarlo.  His younger son Aldo, refusing to work under the shadow of his older brother decided to branch out south and moved to Palmetto Cove with intent on pushing into Cuba, however after Castro's rise to power Aldo's hands were tied in pushing influence on the Communist country and he was forced to settle in maintaining control of the sleepy resort town.

Ascertaining that there was money to be made in Palmetto Cove Aldo rang up a number of higher ranking members of the family looking to be made and spoke to them of a "lucrative opportunities down south."  Of these people who were called were a number of wizards who were looking to break out on their own.  And it was with the aid of said magic that the wizards brought that would give Aldo the edge to take over the majority of underhanded practices in the Cove (prostitution, extortion, racketeering, pornography, etc.).

However with time comes change, with the rise of the drug trade the mob has taken a very stiff anti-drug stance, insisting that it ruins other facets of their business, and have decided to make drug trafficking in the city very difficult.  These actions have caused the mob to step on the toes of many of the affluent members of the metropolitan area.  Making matters worse is that Aldo's son, Lorenzo, is vying for power of his father's empire and will stop at nothing to attain it which is slowly causing a schism in power and at the helm of it all are the wizards who are pulling and manipulating the strings of the mobsters.

The Scarcetti Family

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