The Orozco Cartel

Faction: Mortality


Established in Colombia the Orozco Brothers, Jaime and Pedro, cut their teeth in the 60's doing good ol' fashion contraband smuggling into military states like Venezuela, Panama, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.  However with the sudden decline of farm wages throughout South America the Orozcos capitalized on how inexpensive it was to make cocaine and began to smuggle the product through it's channels and slowly erected a lucrative drug empire.

But older brother Jaime was not happy with just taking the money of South Americans everywhere, he affixed his eyes on the sleepy resort town of Palmetto Cove and saw his entry way into establishing his own drug network in North America.

Over the years Jaime has established his name in the city, put his most trusted men in charge and is slowly attempting to control Palmetto Cover with his cartel. However the mostly foreign and very much “mortal only” group of individuals have met resistance from the shadows that is the city’s actual underworld. However the cartel has decided not to give up on it’s ventures and has started to establish a small cadre of hunters and watchers to keep an eye on, and hopefully exterminate or manipulate, anyone who gets in the cartel’s way.

The Orozco Cartel

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