Armada Latina

Faction: Mortality/Night/Power/Wild


Spanish for “Latin Army” the roots of this street gang originate from Latin Worker’s Rights protester Griselda Ramos who originally formed the group in an attempt to get worker’s benefits from the Scarcetti Family-run businesses. The gang learned very quickly that there was more to the mob than originally met the eye and attempted to figure out orthodox ways to undermine them. In the end the streetwise gang was able to manipulate “Holy Santos” to make the mob give in to worker demands.

However fighting a couple of wizards would just be the beginning, now that the Armada was exposed to what laid in the shadows of Palmetto Cove it learned that it had to protect it’s territory from a number of supernatural threats; werewolves, vampires, demons, and even the Holy Santos it used against their enemies. So while the majority of the street gang is still dedicated to handling things in the usual mundane fashion there is a smaller minority of watchers, hunters, and other supernatural beings they have been able to sway to their side to defend “Little Havana.”

But the biggest threat that the Armada faces comes from Armando Vargas himself, as a Cuban who originally lived in Little Havana he sees the neighborhood as piece of territory he must own for himself. But the leader of the Armada, Domingo Cortez, not only sees Armando as a coked-up sell-out of his own people, but believes him to no longer be human and thinks he will only bring problems to the community. Making matters worse is that Little Havana is slowly starting to creep into Haitian territory, where the Sons of Samhedi have power, and they do not take such encroachment lightly.

Armada Latina

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