Vampires are of the Night faction, the present authority on all things vampire related is Cannonball.

The Origins of Vampires/How to Become a Vampire

Vampires were created almost a millennia ago. Although the name is unknown it is believed that the father of all true Vampires was a Wizard who was attempting to find the secret of immortality. By casting away what little was left of their mortality and taking on a sort of beast they were able to become immortal, but at the cost of eternal, unsatisfied hunger.

To become a Vampire you must undergo the ritual to cast away your humanity and become the beast. It is not a complicated ritual, but it is a very obscure and taboo ritual that many who have such power would oft claim they do not know out of fear of ostracism, banishment, or even death. Some vampires are aware of this ritual and may take on others as sort of “childe.”

The Rules of Being A Vampire

Vampires require human blood to survive, but many will choose to fast from feeding regularly in an attempt to tap into the power of the beast that they are.

A fully-fed (or overindulged) vampire has limited power, but in return is “human enough” to walk into the sun without feeling burnt. A vampire in this state is also able to recover from even the most grisly of wounds.

A starved vampire is technically stronger in combative prowess but can be hurt easier in a physical manner.

A starved and desperate vampire can eat the flesh of humans, but will take on a more monstrous guise in return.

Most vampires have survived as long as they have not from the power of the beast within them but from the centuries of skill and contacts that they have attained from being immortal.

Most vampires pride themselves over how many years they have been a vampire, to the point that a sort of hierarchy exists among them based on these numbers.

The methods to kill a vampire are no different from the methods most would take to kill a human. However if you do not take special precaution to kill a vampire in a spiritual sense after you have killed it physically the likelihood is very high that it will recover from even the most grievous of wounds.

Weapons such as crucifixes and holy water are plausible spiritual, but only work if truly blessed by someone of righteous, holy authority.

Facts about Vampires in Palmetto Cove

There are roughly 10 “major vampires” in Palmetto Cove. These 10 vampires all have memberships to the Mustang Island Country Club.

In the eyes of these vampires you are only a vampire if you have lived for more than 125 years.

Relations between these vampires are preferred to be kept amicable and civil.

If a vampire arrives to the city it is within his best interest to get a hold of the vampires at the club in an attempt to be assisted and helped to adapt to their society.

The vampires despise all forms of unwelcome guest, particularly vampires who don’t introduce themselves when they show up in their territory.


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