Faction: Mortality/Power


Originating in the 1950’s the Palmetto Cove Organized Crime Task Force has operated outside of standard police jurisdiction in an attempt to survey and curtail organized crime ever since the mob showed up. Over the 30 plus years that the OCTF has existed it has become very aware of the fact that they’re not just dealing with humans anymore and have attempted to maintain relevancy even during as dangerous of a time as now. Many believe the OCTF to consist mostly of people who were originally police officers, but that is a misconception.

Knowing that it easier to work together than seperately the OCTF is a joint task force that combines manpower with the FBI, DEA, and ATF in an attempt to ensure no one “goes out of bounds of the law.” When the supernatural have been wronged and choose not to take the law into their own hands and instead would rather see justice pan out they tend to look towards the OCTF instead of the PCPD for guidance since it very unwise to deal with mundane cops.


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