Movers and Shakers

Palmetto Cove is a beautiful, burgeoning metropolitan are that has attracted a diverse lot of individuals into her limits for a plethora of interests.  These individuals have differing ideas of where and how the city should be run and anyone who has likewise interest in said city would find it in their interest to take note.

The Scarcetti Family – Originally established in New York and having branched into south this Italian Mob Family has control over the city but is easily despised by many.

The Orozco Cartel – The long arm of Colombia's drug trade rests in The Sunshine State and is attempting to break through into the mainland, but is meeting resistance from a number of individuals.

The Wights – One part biker gang, one part backwoods swamp people, this group of outcasts are often misunderstood of their intent, but should hardly be misunderstood as an altruistic bunch.

Vargas Distribution LLC – An international import/export company led by an eccentric, bombastic, short-fused Cuban immigrant and his "people."

Armada Latina – a street gang consisting of mostly Cubans but others of Latino descent who ensure their interests are not compromised.

Children of Samhedi – seen as mostly a street gang of Jamaican and Haitian descent the children follow the older matriarch of the neighborhood who has been "protecting them for decades." 

The Brotherhood – The remnants of the 96th Red Infantry that has since fled from their communist homeland due to the disenchantment of fighting a losing war in Afghanistan.

URAL – a large mass of loyal Cuban, Chinese, and Russian immigrants who have remained loyal to the Communist cause. 

PCPD OCTF – A group of talented, organized, secretive police officers who operate outside of the jurisdiction of the police department.

DEA – The men and women of the Drug Enforcement Agency, often known as "Narcs" by the majority of people generally work hand in hand with the OCTF but has it's own agenda.

CIA – Spearheading the US Intelligence Community the Central Intelligence Agency has a vested interest in trying it's absolute best to keep a handle on Palmetto Cove.

Movers and Shakers

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