Blood on the Beach, Snow in the Streets

Session 2 Notes

Very broad notes

Jez’s Rumor:

“Rose” isn’t “seeing the future”, she is being told it by exterior forces.

Jack’s Rumor:

“The Bandits” are becoming more hostile in Palmetto Cove. The 2nd Lt known as “Hacksaw” is eye-balling Jack’s Panhead.

Simbi’s Rumor

“The Historian Himself” is a crazed-minded fairy who claims he is in the processes of creating a court “here in the human realm” that will rule Palmetto Cove, he has however not followed-through with any such action.

The fairy plans to erect this great stage right in the middle of Little Haiti.

Felix’s Rumor:

A number of properties originally owned by Armando Vargas are facing arson atttacks, and then attacks of arson are spreading among properties not owned by Armando Vargas.

Vargas is under suspicion the historical society is against him, in return Chichio Mendez is eyeballing Abraham Saddler.

Tabitha’s Rumor:

The Armada Latina is presently buying arms in bulk from Peacemaker.



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