Demon Corrupted CIA Operative


The Tainted

Stat Faction
Blood 3 Mortality 2 [ ]
Heart 1 Night -1 [X]
Mind -1 Power 0 [X]
Spirit 0 Wild 1 [ ]


[ ] Shattered (-1 Blood)
[ ] Disfigured (-1 Heart)
[ ] Fractured (-1 Mind)
[ ] Broken (-1 Spirit)


Faint: [ ]
Grievous: [ ] [ ]
Critical: [ ] [ ]



  • You’re protecting someone from a dark power. They owe you 2 Debts.
  • Someone is trying to save you and keeps suffering for it. You owe them 2 Debts.
  • Mr. Lynch holds the contract for my soul. I owe him 3 Debts


[X] [X] [X] [X] [ ]

[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move from another archetype.
[ ] Retire your character. They may return as a threat.

Tainted Drama Moves

Tainted Corruption Move
When you persuade someone on your patron’s behalf, mark Corruption.

Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, they give you a Debt they hold on someone else.

End Move
When you die, cash in all the Debts your patron owes you to come back. If
you have none, your patron will ask someone else to pay the Debt for you. If
they refuse, time’s up. It’s been a good run.

Tainted Moves

The Devil Inside
When you assume your demon form, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a miss, choose 1 and you owe your patron a Debt.

  • Gain armor +1
  • Heal 2-harm
  • Inflict +1 harm
  • +demonic weapon (3-harm hand or 2-harm close)
  • +demonic movement (flight, flaming motorcycle, etc.)

If you’re working a job for your patron, choose 1 more. If you mark corruption, choose 1 more.

Cold as Ice: Take +1 Blood
Don’t Look at Me: mislead with Heart instead of Mind.
Tough as Nails: gain 1-armour (bypassed by Blessed or Holy weaponry). You are immune to effects designed to stun or impair you.

Corruption Moves



A very high dollar, high-rise condo over looking the beach and water
Either a Lipstick Red Ferrari, or a solid-black Bronco
A “brick” mobile phone
9mm Beretta (2 harm, loud, close, reload)

Demon Form

Because Jezebel has sold her soul to Mr. Lynch she is able to assume a demon form which looks like the following:

Jezebel works for Mr. Lynch, she generally performs the following:

Jez kills people. Young, old; princess or pauper. Jez kills ‘em for herself, for Mr. Lynch, and for Uncle Sam.
Her other job is to deliver threats and messages. Envoy, emmissary, warning.
Do what the government asks, says Uncle Sam sweetly, because Jez doesn’t ask as nicely.

When you complete a job for your patron, mark Wild. Your patron owes you a Debt for every job completed. You can cash in a Debt with your Patron in order to have them:

  • Answer a question (honestly) about their Faction
  • Introduce you to a powerful member of their Faction
  • Give you a worthy and useful gift without cost
  • Erase a Debt they hold on someone
  • Give you a Debt they have on someone else
  • Give you +3 to persuade them (choose before rolling)

Your patron may offer you the chance to buy your freedom, but Debts alone will never be enough.


+1 Move
+1 Move



Blood on the Beach, Snow in the Streets Cannonball