The Recently-Discovered Oracle


MCs Discretion


Facts About Rose:

She just recently attained her Oracle abilities.

Rumors claim that her prophetic visions are becoming very accurate.

Felix Loewe has discovered rumors that her recent prophetic visions involve him.

Another vampire by the name of Mr. Price has shown an interest in claiming Rose for himself.

Mother Josette has entrusted Simbi with the task to retrieve the girl for her, it is unknown why she wants her, but it is believed by the Children that the accuracy of an Oracle’s prophetic visions “become more accurate” if enough Oracles are together.

Facts only known by Simbi:

Rose has parents and they believe she is going crazy.

Her parents are well-to-do socialites.

The family lives on Mustang Island, one of Palmetto Cove’s most elite gated communities.

Rose has since disappeared, believed to have been absorbed by Mother Josette.


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