Mr. Lynch

CIA Operative Handler


There may not have always been an agency like the CIA, but there was always been a “Mr. Lynch” in the U.S. Government somewhere ever since the day President Lincoln was shot, to whom Mr. Lynch will say, “was a total prick, by the way.” For the entire century plus that he has been “employed” to the U.S. Government he has consistently gained favor among his superiors, shot up the security clearance ladder, and has continued to amass and collect secrets about the mortal government for his “real superiors.”

Sometime in the 1940’s Mr. Lynch was transferred to the Office of Strategic Services where he maintained tabs on the Axis powers and undergone a number extremely classified missions. When the war ended and the OSS was dissolved Mr. Lynch was transferred to the newly formed CIA where he was assigned clearance to start handling “high risk assets” for “the sake of the country,” while it would be not the first time Mr. Lynch had corrupted humans to do his bidding it was one of the first times he had to make sure the humans lived afterwards, (he still had not lived down the whole “Black Hand Society” debacle of the 1910’s).

Sometime in the 1960’s the CIA brass assigned Mr. Lynch to go work in Palmetto Cove since it had started to become a hotbed of activity ever since the Cubans refugees were pouring into the country. Ever since then Lynch has been keeping tabs on the major movers and shakers of the metropolitan city both mundane and supernatural. He has three major assets that he handles to do his, and the country’s, work. One of those assets includes Jezebel.

Mr. Lynch

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