Joseph Palmer

Head Bartender of "The Sixth Circle"


GM Discretion


Facts about Joseph Palmer

Also known in some circles as “Mr. Palmer”, the infamous “Rasta of Silence” has generated quite a reputation for himself over the years.

Earned the moniker “Rasta of Silence” from an incident over a decade ago when a high ranking Scarcetti wizard entered the bar and was attempted to throw his weight around and dominate others. When Joseph attempted to explain to the wizard the rules of “The Circle” the mobster called the bartender a racial slur. Joseph ensured he could never speak again.

Is the head bartender of “The Sixth Circle.”

Much like the other staff of “The Sixth Circle” Joseph has taken an “oath of neutrality”, meaning no one who works for The Circle can take sides in any conflict whatsoever unless it is considering “world-ending.”

Even though Joseph has taken the oath he still lives in Little Haiti and has a tendency to treat his “brethren” with more hospitality than others.

Owns a well-educated, bartending baboon named “Bambu” that occasionally works at the bar.

Presently owns a very large stash of some kind of herbs.

Joseph Palmer

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