Alejandro Vega

Sargento Personal of the Orozco Cartel


MCs Discretion


Facts About Alejandro Vega:

Birthplace: Bogota, Colombia
Age: 28
Favorite Color: Red

He is “Sargento Personal” of the Orozco Cartel’s “Americano Operacion.” His primary tasks consists of monitoring and receiving information from halcones, assigning tasks to sicarios, and fulfilling orders and requests from his lugartenientes.

Is NOT an informant for the CIA, but has a thorough dossier made on him.

Always has an interest to recruit “outside talent” for Cartel tasks.

Started working for the cartel when he was 11, in manufacturing. Made his bones at 19. was given this position by Orozco himself, regarded as "very trustworthy.

Oldest of 8, mother has polio, sends money to his brothers and sisters.

Alejandro Vega

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