Blood on the Beach, Snow in the Streets

Session 4 Notes



The werewolves and the vampires turf war is coming to a head, lines are drawn in the sand. Everyone is preparing for bloodshed.

Jezebel is not just caught in it, she’s in the middle of it.


The Historian Himself is planning to subjugate Snow White into his court to push his agenda to create a court in the human realm.

In the process of this happening Felix attained a compass that detects fae abnormalities in reality.


The Colombians have made a powerplay squeezing territory the Armada, the Haitians, the Vampires, and the Werewolves.

Jack is neck deep in the shit.


The OCTF is looking to plan a raid on an Armada meet-up.

Simbi will be neck deep in the shit.


New NPC: Lawrence the ghost who died in the basement of the country club.



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