Blood on the Beach, Snow in the Streets

Session 4 Notes



The werewolves and the vampires turf war is coming to a head, lines are drawn in the sand. Everyone is preparing for bloodshed.

Jezebel is not just caught in it, she’s in the middle of it.


The Historian Himself is planning to subjugate Snow White into his court to push his agenda to create a court in the human realm.

In the process of this happening Felix attained a compass that detects fae abnormalities in reality.


The Colombians have made a powerplay squeezing territory the Armada, the Haitians, the Vampires, and the Werewolves.

Jack is neck deep in the shit.


The OCTF is looking to plan a raid on an Armada meet-up.

Simbi will be neck deep in the shit.


New NPC: Lawrence the ghost who died in the basement of the country club.

Session 3 Notes

Rumors of the Session


The Bandits are receiving a shipment of “something.” Felix is balls deep involved in it.


Rose’s parents have heard of a psych treatment in France that COULD help Rose. The mother has a debt on Jezebel, Jezebel has a debt on Simbi.


The URAL are having a land dispute with the Vampires over turf. Jack is heavily involved.


Mr. Vargas is looking to have a sitdown with magical heads in an attempt to possibly cause conflict. Simbi will be invited to the conference.

The manager of the Hotel that Felix is staying at is named Enrico.

Session 2 Notes
Very broad notes

Jez’s Rumor:

“Rose” isn’t “seeing the future”, she is being told it by exterior forces.

Jack’s Rumor:

“The Bandits” are becoming more hostile in Palmetto Cove. The 2nd Lt known as “Hacksaw” is eye-balling Jack’s Panhead.

Simbi’s Rumor

“The Historian Himself” is a crazed-minded fairy who claims he is in the processes of creating a court “here in the human realm” that will rule Palmetto Cove, he has however not followed-through with any such action.

The fairy plans to erect this great stage right in the middle of Little Haiti.

Felix’s Rumor:

A number of properties originally owned by Armando Vargas are facing arson atttacks, and then attacks of arson are spreading among properties not owned by Armando Vargas.

Vargas is under suspicion the historical society is against him, in return Chichio Mendez is eyeballing Abraham Saddler.

Tabitha’s Rumor:

The Armada Latina is presently buying arms in bulk from Peacemaker.

Session 1 Notes
Broad Notes of Last Session, Very Broad

Felix’s Rumors:

There is rumors abound that a mortal has turned oracle, this wouldn’t bother Felix only it is believed that the Oracle is prophesizing things about him.

Felix’s Showing:

Felix desires to attain his former residence. Sadly his domicile is being used as a museum by the Palmetto Cove Historical Society. Felix has made a deal with Abraham Saddler, the head of the PCHS that if he can retrieve the sword of General Sherman he will give him back the house. However the sword is presently under the ownership of Armando Vargas.

Jez’s Rumor:

A new mysterious vampire has shown up to Palmetto Cove from the USSR, identity is presently unknown but a follower of their known only as “Ivan” a shadow that people can only see from the corner of their eyes is known, and it’s following Jez.

Jez’s Showing:

Jez was assigned to eliminate a Colombian sniper by Mr. Lynch. She tricked her contact Alejandro Vega to get the sniper in an area to kill him by trying to put a hit on Mr. Lynch.

Jack’s Rumor:

A rogue Fae Agent of an unknown court known only as “Snow White” has been seen at parties giving mortals a potent faerie drug. More than three exposure to the drug turns mortals into something that best can be seen as “living.” Jack is only aware of Snow White because he was sought to for protection from another agent known as “The Huntsman.”

Jack’s Showing:

Jack is presently being built up to what his present day-to-day routine is. He works for Ralph’s Rims and Rotors where he works for older, Asian man Ralph Moritaka and his daughter Mitsuki “Mitsy” Moritaka. At one point Jack was sent out to take a break where he found a gang of teenagers hassling a kid that they claim they were “initiating.” Jack interrupted the event, rescuing the child.

Simi’s Rumor:

The Wights are believed to be in the processes of hosting new associates into the cove known as “The Bandits” a group of renowned Demon Hunters specifically masquerading as bikers. Simi has discovered that the Bandits are operating out of the Palmetto Cove Central Trailer Park.

Simbi’s Showing:

Simbi has been assigned by Mother to find the new Oracle, he went to “The Sixth Circle” bar where he brokered some information from bartender “Mr. Palmer” for a stash of herbs that Simbi had to retrieve from a dock under Vargas’ ownership.

Simbi was able to get the herbs but he was recorded breaking into and escaping the docks.

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