Palmetto Cove, Florida 198X 

What was once a sleepy resort town for the rich and (in)famous has now turned into a large, thriving metropolitan area that is one of many cities responsible for bolstering the excessive lifestyle that the 80's was synonymous for.  However among the small swimsuits, large gold chains, fast cars, and loose women there is a dark underbelly that fuels it all, a dark war unto which is fought behind closed doors, away from the mundane, but is slowly bubbling up to the surface causing phenomenon so unnatural that even the cleanest of innocent people are thinking someone slipped them a quaalude. 

You are a member of the horribly unorganized, yet highly secretive underground culture that is Palmetto Cove's occult community, or you are an individual who was just recently shown the curtain that divides the mundane from the supernatural and had it pulled back revealing to you "the truth."  While your ulterior motives and intentions are not known to anyone you have only one thing on your mind, change.  Whether it is the excessive use of power, innocent people dying for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe even the very idea that those "in power" considers themselves above all law, something has brought you and an assortment of other "concerned citizens" together in hopes that you can pull this city out of the dimensional muck it is slowly sinking into before something worse happens.

Where to go now?

Knowledge is power, and the wiki is definitely your best source for all things Palmetto Cove.

Blood on the Beach, Snow in the Streets

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